The sun is the earth's power station and source of all energy on our planet. Sun is the only source of free & abundant energy for today, tomorrow & in future, as it is everlasting. The energy from the sun is clean, uninterrupted & pollution free. The conventional sources of energy like coal, diesel, and gas are depleting day by day because of limited availability of natural resources & deposits. Electricity is widely used at present. It is becoming costlier day by day. Hence alternate source of energy like solar energy needs to be explored and harnessed. Now the time has come not only to think of solar energy, but to implement it and get rid of future energy crisis.

We live in an era where power runs everything. It runs machines, mills, transport services and what not. The increasing dependency of industrial processes and household work on electricity makes it the most sought after source of power and this has led to increased power fluctuations and power cuts affecting the health of our machinery and efficiency.

Fast improving standards of living and extended working hours across the developing world have resulted in increased demand of energy. The fast depleting hydrocarbon and other conventional energy sources are taxing the users due to skyrocketing prices.

Panchal Trading Company is one company that plans to take up the challenge and work towards offering optimal solutions for meeting the everyday power needs in all fields of life: domestic, commercial, industrial to defense. This has made us a UNIQUE company developing and offering a complete range of solutions using abundant, free and non-polluting renewable energy sources.

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